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Southern Hemisphere Humpback Whale Research Program on Climate Change.

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Many whale populations are now in the process of recovering following over- exploitation by the whaling industry. 

Climate change is the next big challenge that whales are facing. We have put together a multidisplinary team from Australia, South Africa and South America to address this problem.

This is a program by Griffith University, Stellenbosch University, University of Pretoria, Cape Town University, Universidade Federal Do Rio Grande, Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador and Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

Why it is important?

Understanding how

This research program establishes a fundamental understanding of how changing ocean conditions are influencing the recovery of humpback whale populations and develop adaptation scenarios for advancing whale conservation, policies and programs under various projects. It will also lay the path for future research on other baleen species.


about the research

The research program runs under 4 major themes since 2018: Whale Ecology, Ocean Processes, Marine Geochemistry and Future Climate. The outputs of the research themes are joint in a number of models. Fine and large scale models on oceanographic features relevant for humpback whales are being developed and the movement of the species analysed over large spatial (>1000 kms) and temporal (>100 years) scales.

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