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Whales & Climate Data Portal

Explore our dataset on whale sightings, ocean processes, biogeochemistry and climate since 2018

Whale sighting data animation east coast Australia

An overview of all whale sighting data between 2009-2024 from public sources, citizen science and scientific surveys condensed in time for each month of the year. It allows a simulation of the seasonal migration pattern of humpback whales along the east coast of Australia. Showing many sightings of humpback whales during June, July and August in the Great Barrier Reef. The recognised breeding ground and high number of sightings in NSW and Tasmania during September and October. The summarised data is only a snapshot but shows the importance of ongoing monitoring.

Whale Research App Behayve

Our partner Living Ocean’s humpback research focuses on the behaviour of large numbers of whales in a limited geographic area and developed a specialised software to facilitate data recording. Bill Fulton, who leads Living Ocean’s Centre for Marine Studies, has developed Behayve, a unique smartphone app that non- invasively tracks whales, records their behaviour and, using a wireless link to ship’s instruments, captures the environmental conditions they experience. The app is configurable for scientific studies on a wide range of terrestrial and marine animals.

Whale & Dolphin Tracker

Our partner Pacific Whale Foundation’s Whale & Dolphin Tracker app collects data about marine wildlife. I allows to log GPS location, group dynamics, observed behaviors and other data in real time, which is uploaded instantly to database. Members of the public can participate as citizen scientists by using the Whale & Dolphin Tracker to submit marine wildlife sightings from locations worldwide. It allows the creation of a full GPS track and upload photos from a mobile device.